Gym fees/costs

One time only payments

・Joining fee            10,000YEN

・Administration fee             3,000YEN


 Monthly fee

・Gym membership     6,000YEN

・Student membership        5,000YEN

・Online system fee           185YEN


Non-member fees

・Visitor pass                         2,000YEN

 (One use only

※The online system fee will be charged together with the gym membership fee.

※Fees are subject to change without notice.

※All fees shown do not include tax.



■Documents needed when signing to join

 ①Proof of identity (driver's licence/resident card/health insurnace card etc)

 ②Proof of student status (for those who wish to join as a student)

 ③Bank information (Bank book・Cash card) or a credit card (we accept visa and mastercard)

    ④Initial joining payment (Joining fee/Administrative fee/Monthly fee [if starting in the middle of the month, we will offer a discount however many days you are from the 1st of that month])

  ※Initial joining fees may change due to any campaigns we are currently running

Oxygen capsule fees

          Member fee    Non-member fee

・30 minutes  2,000YEN      2,500YEN

・45 minutes  3,000YEN      3,700YEN

・60 minutes  4,000YEN      4,900YEN



■Oxygen capsule members

 A one off payment of 3,000 yen by Oxygen capsule members is necessary。




※Priority for those who reserve

※Non-members who only wish to use the oxygen capsule do not have to pay the visitor fee

※The oxygen capsule fees are subject to change without notice

※All fees shown do not include tax